About me

Updated on 17.07.2020

My name is Tanja Andersen, I am 32 years of age, from Denmark and the founder of Wildlife Footprints, Serve Global Wildlife and Serve Animals. Serve Global Wildlife is a training program, that creates the futures’ ambassadors who take action as responsible tourists. I take this action due to the EMERGENCY for the animals’ best, EVERYTHING starts with yourself FIRST, before it is possible to create any permanent change or transformation.

I want to throw light on the invisible violence, psychological violence that harms us with unspoken words that we hide, in fear of what others might think about us, of losing understanding and love. I want to be honest, personal and authentic about my past, since my weapon is the wisdom of my crisis in the past, and I want to go against the norms disobeying with the people. I see myself as the female Robin Hood. I fight against inequality and help the weak, by giving them their rightful rights back to them.

”I fight for my own voice, which IS the voice for the wild animals”