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About me

Opdateret den 28.01.2021

I am my own miracle and role model for my 27-year-old self. I am 365 miracles every year – one every day for living beings. I want to create a balance between humanity and mother earth, and this CAN and WILL only happen if I, like you, choose to work with our past and our childhood. I want to shed light on the psychological violence that we inflict through our inner dialogue and communication to ourselves, others and society. I share my past with raw honesty, authenticity and show my imperfect personality.

My past crises are my weapon, there I will go against the obedience of the norms and push people out of their comfort zone. I see myself as the female Robin Hood. I fight against injustice and help the weak. I help transform lost souls into living souls by giving them back their rights. My action is based on an EMERGENCY for the good of the animals. I say no to making it comfortable through my beliefs.

“I fight for my own voice, which IS the voice of the wild animals.”