About Wildlife Footprints

My name is Tanja Andersen, I am 32 years of age and from Denmark. I am the founder of Wildlife Footprints, Serve Global Wildlife, and Serve Animals. Serve Global Wildlife is a charity organization, which fights for the rights of wild animals and strive to inspire people to be a doer. I am an HR consultant and I offer this concept to associations and companies, who wish to optimize and maintain the commitment of their volunteers. I also offer workshops, talks, seminars, and I offer mentor sessions.

I am an influencer, with the values of honesty, personal contact, authenticity and transparency across all my work projects. I see myself as the female Robin hood, I fight against injustice and strive to help the weak, by giving them back the rights that are rightfully theirs (the weak being the wild animals). My weapon is my voice, and I don’t mind going against the norms if it is necessary. I am not afraid to fight for my rights and I am the voice of the wild animals, the way that I would want somebody to fight for me in court.

“The road is not smooth, but I choose to be a front runner, and use my voice to serve wild animals and join the struggle for better animal rights, including their absolute right to a dignified life. I will fall and then rise again, stronger, because the battle is worth fighting. And I will leave footsteps for others to follow.”