About Wildlife footprints blog

Short introduction: This is the personal blog of Tanja Andersen, the founder of Serve Global Wildlife and Serve Animals, where she will take you behind the scenes of both her work and her private life.

Wildlife footprints by Tanja Andersen

I want to be transparent, sincere and authentic about the obstacles, challenges and issues the I have faced, and what they have taught me. I also want to talk about the challenges I am facing now, how I am handling them, and discuss the work that I do everyday to keep my head up and never giver up.

This blog will be ‘warts and all’. I’ll reveal my mistakes and failures, talk about what I think are my strengths and my weaknesses Through the blog I want to show you my mistakes and weaknesses. I’m too apologetic sometimes. I am way too honest and at the same time, I am very easily hurt. I believe that by showing that I am fight for change in spite of what I see as my imperfections, I can help create changes in the world that will still be in place after I am gone.

There are two reasons why I want to give you a peek behind the curtain of my life:

  1. Through my work with Serve Global Wildlife, I have searched for NGOs, companies and those people in a position to be 100 percent transparent. No filter. To me, 99 percent is not good enough. I want to know where my money is going and how it is being used.
  2. How can I help another living creature if I myself need to be rescued? It has taken much effort and time to build my dream since I started in October, 2013. My past history, habits family and influences have often pulled me away from my life’s purpose.

“The road is not smooth, but I choose to be a front runner, and use my voice to serve wild animals and join the struggle for better animal rights, including their absolute right to a dignified life. I will fall and then rise again, stronger, because the battle is worth fighting. And I will leave footsteps for others to follow.”

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