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Updated on 01.11.2019

How do I define ‘success’?

Many people dream of being rich. That is not my dream.

I believe my charitable organization Serve Global Wildlife will be the platform via which sponsors, companies, NGOs and private individuals will get credible information concerning working with wild animals. This creation of a new conservation matrix is something I can do, and my greatest success will be the lives – human and animal – that my work touches.

Be a role model for people who have lost their way in life and are not sure how or why to go on. To let people see that my dyslexia has not been a disability but a gift. I want to use the wisdom I have gained through my own trials and crises to help other people heal.

Why should you chose to sponsor me?

What do I have to give that others cannot? I have my unbreakable will, forged by my past. My life has taught me a valuable lesson: “If I must fall, I fall on my back, because if I can look up, I can rise again, stronger and wiser.” I call on people’s honesty and give them room to express themselves. I am an opinionated woman who shakes up people’s beliefs about animal rights, the things the try to keep hidden and where they need to take responsibility. I am brutally honest, personable, honest loving, powerful and authentic, and I do not take ‘no’ for an answer.

What is the next step?

We choose to build long-term relationships, because they will create opportunities for us to achieve extraordinary results and reach our goals. I would like to discuss how I can create value for your business. Almost anything is possible if you decided to sponsor me!

If you’d like to hear more, you are welcome to contact me at +45 42170029, or send an email to What can I offer beyond what we decided on together? Find out here!

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Arbejdernes landsbank
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I am hungry for life! I even look forward to the times that I will surely fail again, because it is through my defeats that I have gained the wisdom that has turned me into the ‘female Robin Hood’ I am today. My struggle will only be complete when I have finished my work alongside the world’s best NGOs to improve volunteer life, liberated all wildlife from the prison of tourism and finally put an end to the illicit trading of endangered animals.