Jeanne Bessette

Jeanne is a multifaceted and conscious artist, disruptor, speaker, and ascension guide, dedicated to empowering women on their creative journeys. Through her diverse expertise, she inspires individuals to find and embrace their authentic creative voice and expression. With a profound understanding of the human experience, Jeanne fearlessly delves into the depths of pain and grief, guiding her clients through transformative cycles of healing and growth. Through her artistic endeavors and empowering speeches, she disrupts societal norms and encourages women to step into their power, embracing their vulnerabilities as sources of strength.

As an ascension guide, Jeanne leads others towards higher states of consciousness, helping them elevate their perspectives and reconnect with their true selves. With Jeanne's guidance, women embark on a profound and liberating exploration of creativity and self-discovery, ultimately finding liberation, purpose, and inner peace.