Events that will shake up your belief system

Updated on 27.05.2019

I do a myriad of projects that outline my life’s purpose, which is to be a warrior against the repression we do to ourselves, to others and to wild animals. I fight every day for my rights, and for animal rights. My work involves the natural world along with pets, farm animals and industrial animals.

Events can be as varied as going for a walk on a beach and picking up garbage, lectures about being addicted pain, the problems plastics cause on our planet, my visits to NGOS throughout the world and much more. Formats include gallery exhibitions with video, sound effects and lectures and educational workshops for those that would like to become volunteers and ambassadors for Serve Global Wildlife or learn how to work with animals in their natural habitat.

If you would like to create a lecture or discuss an exciting project with me, please contact me at or at +45 42170029. I look forward to our possible collaboration.