Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary

Goatlandia Farm Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2016. Our mission is to rescue unwanted, orphaned, abused and neglected farm animals and provide them with a loving, safe home at our sanctuary and also through our adoption program. We also love educating the public about the many benefits of a compassionate, eco-minded lifestyle and plant-based eating. We are all about making friends, having fun, eating great food, and living kindly and in harmony with animals, people, and the planet. Learn more at goatlandia.org.

The Speaker Deborah Blum

Deborah has lived an exciting life with varied careers having been a fashion designer, a commercial pilot, and a restaurateur, but moved to Santa Rosa to fulfill her dream of living with goats and enjoying a more relaxed, country lifestyle. After becoming vegan in 2012, she decided to rescue more animals; in particular, other farmed animals including chickens, sheep, ducks and pigs. What started as a passion grew into a non-profit rescue and education organization that also does vegan catering and food events, animal therapy, and much more. Deborah and her husband Patrick purchased a 28 acre property in Sebastopol where they are creating a larger sanctuary and hope to grow crops in the future as well.