How to live minimalistically

Updated on 17.07.2020

Minimalism is about cutting out things that distract you from your life’s purpose. Negative Distractions are everywhere in all of our daily lives. For example a dysfunctional or unsupportive relationship or the inability to accept ourselves or not forgive. Minimalism is about making the choice to have things and people in life that provide ease, joy, energy and simplicity. This can make it easier to manage ones time and bring more freedom. Minimalism can also be about eating less and therefor living healthier. There are many possibilities.

Minimalism gives liberation

When I share that I’ve sold everything, I often get this reaction: – “No, I could never do that, because my stuff means everything to me.”

We will always have our memories and sense of security within us. Because everything comes from within our core, to be – to do – to have. Many people feel most comfortable with what is familiar to them, even if it means a poorer quality of life. They are afraid of the unknown. Letting go of our possessions unblocks our life’s flow and helps make the unconscious conscious.

Giving up possessions can scare most people and the release will only occur when we have let go. Doing so makes room for new development, self discovery and understanding what really matters in life.

Why did I choose to become a minimalist?

I needed to make a 180 degree change in my life because I was severely depressed. On April 21st, 2019 I made the change. I became a minimalist and by doing so I was liberated of my emotional discord. I chose to sell EVERYTHING, quit my job and travel abroad. The process was tough but worth it.

What were the challenges in the process?

It took me around eight months to sell everything. Possessions hold a lot of memories. This often pulled me into the victim role. I became overwhelmed with grief. I met a lot of opposition and I often doubted my decision because of this. This was all part of the healing process. In the end, the criticism from others was a blessing because it helped me cut out unhealthy relationships.

What has the process given me?

The process has given me the strength to stand up for what is healthiest for me, to be honest about how I feel and where I am. I have learned to love myself inside and out. I have made peace with my past. I can carry all the beauty of my imperfections because I know this is what it truly means to be human. I dare to show this vulnerability on social media. I know I am mentally strong and I believe in myself. Even when I am in a dangerous situation I will find my way back on track.

Talk to someone that has been there

I always choose to seek support from an expert. Someone who personally knows about crisis and has transformed this into a positive strength. I no longer seek out help from someone unless they have lived through it themselves.

Talk to me, I’m here for you

If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to fill out the form below or email me at This service is free. I want to support you on your way towards becoming a minimalist. Becoming a minimalist is good for our planet and good for the soul.

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