I am confused, what exactly is Serve Global Wildlife doing?

Serve Global Wildlife is a movement and everyone on the team can say ”I Serve Global Wildlife”, so why do I share my personal stories fighting for animal rights? Because my experiences and the mistakes I made, can be an inspiration. It might motivate you to act on your desires to fight for wildlife. It is important to look inside yourselves, because how can you help another being if you forget yourself in the process?

I believe I can do it! ”The most important investment you can make is in yourself”.

For a long time I have wanted to shine through and use all of my strength and my full potential. I have realised that I do not fit in a box where I am supposed to do things a certain way. Putting yourself in a box won’t make you successful. I am tired of allowing myself to be limited by other people’s advice, opinions and comments about how I should work.

I know that my biggest limitation in the world is myself. So why do I not fight for my desires? Because I have been afraid to let down the people I love, because I felt they knew what was best for me.

Throughout my life I have adapted, whether it was with my family, friends or in relationships. It is a pattern that lies deep within me, since childhood, and it is something that has been an automation within me. I have been through a difficult time this last year, but now I can see that it is starting to change, because I have taken charge in order to make my personality shine and to do what my gut tells me to do.

I am a fighter and I fight for the rights of wild animals to move freely, because it is THEIR RIGHT, just as it is our right as humans to do what we want. I am more ready now than ever to show my authentic self, so that we can save more animals in a strong unity of brave and passionate people.

I know many people are just waiting for someone to come and knock on their door and ask if they are ready to change the world. Maybe because there are some who do not know how to do it.

I have taken charge, I want to live a life as authentic, honest, and different, and I have a wonderful personality that the whole world would be lucky to experience. It feels great to throw away personal restrictions and feel good about yourself.

”I will NEVER give up, because I was born free”