What do you know about the Chameleon?

The chameleon is known for its camouflage skills, to change colors and to be misunderstood for it’s color change. It changes colors to signal aggression, satisfaction or discomfort, as its way to communicate.

I have lived as a chameleon for 30+ years, through negotiating with my identity to adapt myself into my relations and into society, a lounging to be seen, accepted, the feeling of belonging and I never reached that feeling of belonging. I got more aggressive to negotiate with who I was, to reach that feeling.
I transformed myself to be one with the wall, judging and negative against my own identity.

The efforts towards my life goal, to be understood by others, was a big pain and trauma to me in the silent dark. When I met persons that didn’t understand me, I felt discomfort and fought to survive. I was the worlds best at changing myself into the person that submitted herself. I gave the person confirmation, changed it so that the person could understand me and the action destroyed my life goal.

I was scared to see my true identity and life goal in the eyes, because I would be 100% sure to be misunderstood. I chose to be misunderstood and to restore contact to a living life. The darkness surrounding my dead heart started to light up in a living skin color. I say no to negotiate with my identity, to stay well-liked. I belong and I am loved.

MY MESSAGE: We all have a chameleon in us, when we negotiate with our identity, a desire to be liked and we will only experience the feeling of belonging, by owning our history, identity and life goal.

“I’m misunderstand genius” – Tanja Andersen 💛

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