What can we learn from parrots?

The parrot is curious, it’s natural habitat is its playground and it explores its environment, and greets others with enthusiasm. With a loud song of satisfaction, boredeom, boundary setting and protecting.

I wish to be taken seriously. I chose to surppress throwing leaves, dig my hands in the ground and get dirty, because that’s what children do. I am an adult, make money, adapt into the work, because it is not acceptable to be my own identity. I search the bathroom, my free space, to let my threads fall.

Every tear brought along an image in front of my eyes, wiishing upon another life and identity. The mental abuse the person applies on themselves, is forwarded to the nature and the animals, to be able to breathe in the persons own tears in the silent darkness. In the loneliness, the true face of pain of life’s health, as my did.

I visisted Guatemala, 2020, to save my life. I was dying. I worked with wild parrots, reintroduced them to the wild and they taught me to go explore, to be curious and to dance in the rain. My soul is living, wild and can breathe in the feelings, a forgiveness to the challenges that isn’t my fight to fight.

MY MESSAGE: Choose to take yourself out of your usual surroundings, go towards the images in front of your eyes in the loneliness and you will experience the living world, because you chose your true call of life.