• Sanctuary

My goals

Updated on 01.02.2022


  • I’ll finishing the Academy of Animal Ambassadors
  • I’ll go out to schools and teach in, Serve the Animals
  • I’ll take the trip out to, where we’ll create a Conversation center
  • I’ll move to a Farm and create a sanctuary for Production Animals
  • I’ll release my 3-month program Mirror Mirror Mastery – The State of mind
  • I’ll teach my NGO-Partners and make them grow in, Academy of Animal Ambassadors
  • I’ll publish my biography on my road from self-destruction to self-loving


  • I’ll open a gallery exhibition,” Let the blood float”
  • I’ll travel the world and give lectures about Serve the Animals
  • I’ll togather with my team create a Conservation center

”Whatever you’re thinking … THINK BIGGER”