My goals

Updated on 19.01.2020

My personal mission is: “I will live to be someone else’s miracle”. I wake up every day wondering what I can do to rescue one more life. I am ‘that person’ that will challenge you to come out of your comfort zone, find your hidden courage, inspire you to ‘walk it the way you talk it’ and move forward in your life. I am an influencer and a role model for repressed souls, both animal and human.


  • To start a podcast about serving animals
  • To speak about my desire to live without being oppressed for any reason
  • To open my gallery exhibition, “Let the blood flow.”
  • Creating courses on “Learning how to express the suppressed”


  • To start an education as a sexologist or a spiritual education
  • To release my autobiography “My life as a pain addict”
  • To visit schools and teach about serving animals


  • To start a responsible education about serving animals
  • To create the Serve the Animals Sanctuary

”Whatever you’re thinking … THINK BIGGER”