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My mission and vision

Updated on 22.09.2022


I live to be another beings miracle.


My team and I will create the next sanctuary in Denmark for livestock and production animals, but also for humans. The farm will be a hope of turning powerlessness into life. Therefore, we strive to create a community of people who wants to receive insight into how they can achieve small life changes and motivation to make a fundamental change in their lifestyle and live in symbiosis with the wild animals.


The Wildlife Footprints purpose is to create an Academy, that contains a sanctuary, conservation and/or rescue station for animals, where the participants restore their personal identity (Rewilding Yourself). Through their education, Rewilding Nature Academy, they receive a certificate by the end of the course, as proof of them having created and completed a Rewilding Project. They work in teams and create a project that influences 5.000 people annually.