My mission and vision

Updated on 17.07.2020

I live to be another being’s miracle.


I am my own miracle for my 27-year-old-self, and this way I can be 365 being’s miracle every year – one every day. I want to create balance for Mother Earth and save her creatures, the wild animals. This CAN and WILL HAPPEN, by me showing the way for 365 persons to living with self-love and inspire and motivate them to realize how they can actively stop their own unconscious as well as conscious suppression that kills ALL life and living beings. Stepping out of the comfort zone, will open our clear vision and the responsibility for our actions and WILL inspire our network to do the same. I want to show the way with the wisdom of my crisis by raw honesty, personal and authentic involvement, which will transform lost souls to living souls.

“My greatest strength is my self-love and honesty towards myself regarding who I am and who I was”