Primates Incorporated

Primates Incorporated’s mission is to improve the quality of life for monkeys from research facilities, private ownerships, and the entertainment industry by providing them with an enriching and spacious indoor/outdoor sanctuary near Westfield, Wisconsin.

Our vision to serve as a prototype for other communities to establish their own sustainable versions so that the thousands of primates who have a chance at retirement can live at a peaceful and spacious sanctuary, such as this one. We have reached capacity in our current sanctuary building and so we are now raising funds to build the second sanctuary structure (building plans pictured here) that can house up to 30 more monkeys. Currently we have raised $223,000 toward our $600,000 goal. We have already been contacted to help more monkeys from labs but we cannot create waiting lists until the building is constructed.

We anticipate building separate building structures (capacity of 100 monkeys) gradually over the next twenty years. We never want to reach our capacity, however, as we aim to place monkeys at species-appropriate monkey sanctuaries throughout the country when space is available.