Updated on 05.05.2024

Thank you so much for participating in the CONQUER THE MIRROR DEMON series! The interviews will be released from May 5 – 23, 2024, so let’s get the word out!

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The speaker

GUEST Speaker: Trisha Croft

Dark feminine, Sacred Sexuality & Sex Magick


Email subject lines

  • SUBJ #1: Conquering Your Inner Demons: Unveiling the Path to Emotional Liberation
  • SUBJ #2: Discovering Inner Strength: Navigating Dark Emotions with Courage and Resilience
  • SUBJ #3: Embracing Emotional Freedom: Illuminating the Journey to Self-Discovery
  • SUBJ #4: Liberating Your True Self: Breaking Through Dark Emotions for Personal Empowerment

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MESSAGE TO YOU AS AN EXPERT: (…) Here you write briefly about your own story. I have given an example of my short intro story in between (..) so you can get an idea of my mindset. Fill it in at the bottom (___) with a few words of your own. You are more then welcome to correct it. It is IMPORTANT that the link to the virtual live event is there at least twice and communication is friend to a friend. Thanks.

Hey *NAME*,

(I felt nature calling to me.  In the silence, my body was purified through a natural source.  It purified my soul and mindset. My fear became less as I chose to connect with nature. However, I felt judged when I told you about my physical and mental experience with nature. After that, I felt I had to suppress my experience.

The day came when I had had enough of trying to fit the norm.  I sold everything, traveled to Guatemala and lived in the jungle for 5 months. Nature helped me to forgive myself. I let go of the concept that something was wrong with me.  I rediscovered the wildfire in my soul that had been suppressed for so long. I had an epiphany.  I stopped trying to fit the norm of how life should be lived. Instead, I chose to live the way I wanted to live.)

That was why I was so excited when my friend Tanja Andersen told me that she was hosting a series of interviews about being able to stand by her senses in nature. She wants to interview me and I have said yes to that. The series was born out of her restoration of her heart and life’s purpose out in nature.

The online Summit is called: CONQUER THE MIRROR DEMON. You can watch it from home, in the office or on the go.

You can get FREE access to the summit from me. The event starts on May 05-23, 2024.

You can sign up and get more information using this link: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

This event is for those who want to learn Emotion Mastery in their Mind, Soul, Body, and situation. Create opportunities to be wild, free, and unleash the unlimited you—the true identity of your higher being.

I, along with other experts, have teamed up to share our personal experiences with owning our true power. We provide a simple strategy on how to reconnect with yourself through nature using your senses.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my network to get something that I wish I had myself (____…._____). That is why I am grateful that Tanja Andersen is hosting this series. I get the opportunity to share it with you.

I am excited for this collaboration with Tanja Andersen

You can register for the CONQUER THE MIRROR DEMON series and my interview here: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]