Updated on 21.03.2024

Thank you so much for participating in the Ignite Your Career Path series! The interviews will be released April 1, 2024, so let’s get the word out!

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  • SUBJ #1: The Insight I Wish I Had 10 Years Ago

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MESSAGE TO YOU AS AN EXPERT: (…) Here you write briefly about your own story. I have given an example of my short intro story in between (…) so you can get an idea of my mindset. Fill it in at the bottom (___) with a few words of your own. You are more then welcome to correct it. It is IMPORTANT that the link to the virtual live event is there at least twice and communication is friend to a friend. Thanks.

Hey *NAME*,

(When I began owning my purpose a decade ago, igniting my career path, I faced numerous HOT MOMENTS of past trauma, feelings of violence, and oppressive beliefs, making choices that confined me to the identity my relationships knew.

Rising from my breakdowns, I connected deeper with my true identity, asking, “Who is Tanja Andersen?” I embraced challenging conversations, fostering a newfound confidence in what I was meant for, healing my past until today, where I embrace my journey, choosing my past and steering my career path.)

I was thrilled when my friend Tanja Andersen shared, she's hosting an interview series centered on navigating the Ignite Your Career Path journey and asked me to join as an expert. Her mission resonates deeply: Empowering driven individuals to master their emotions as they lead, taking control of their career paths, and embodying their words through action.

The virtual live event, titled Ignite Your Career Path: “Activate Remarkable Resilience, Unlock Unstoppable Drive & Sustainable Leadership with Nature,” is a game-changer.

I've got a FREE ticket for you to attend LIVE April 1, 2024. Simply sign up and get more details through this link. >> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

You can catch it from the comfort of your home, office, or on-the-go. REMEMBER, secure your FREE Ticket Access as the speaker interviews release daily, each on a different weekday.

This is for you—a chance to master releasing Remarkable Resilience in your daily grind, taking the reins of your career path, and embodying self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love, confidence, and assurance.

We, a group of diverse experts, have joined forces to share life wisdom from our own HOT MOMENTS. We delve into our career paths, past vulnerabilities, and tackle the taboo of emotions in control of our career journeys. Together, we aim to guide you through the “HOW” of liberation and uncover the “WHY” behind emotional challenges.

This opportunity is a game-changer for all in my circle, something I wish I had (____…____), and that's why I'm thrilled Tanja's leading this charge, and I get to share it with you.

Secure your spot for the Ignite Your Career Path virtual FREE live online event here. >> [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

See you on the other side.

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Welcome to the dawn of a new era in your journey to greatness! 🌅 Join us at Ignite Your Career Path—the ultimate gathering to ignite your career path, embrace resilience, and unlock your unstoppable drive, all while tapping into the timeless wisdom of nature. In a world where challenges abound, resilience is your secret weapon. At Ignite Your Career Path, we empower you to navigate storms, adapt, and thrive amidst adversity. Ready to reignite your fire within and forge a path of sustainable leadership? Let's make it happen together!

Blurb #2:

Welcome to the dawn of a new era! 🌅 Join us at Ignite Your Career Path—a transformative journey to ignite your career path, embrace resilience, and unlock your unstoppable drive. Discover the resilient spirit within you and tap into your passion, determination, and unwavering commitment. Together, let's forge a new path of sustainable leadership, leaving a legacy of positive impact for generations to come. Are you ready to dive in? Let's make it happen!

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Blurb #1:

Ready to ignite your career path and unlock your full potential? Join me on a journey of transformation at Ignite Your Career Path! Let's embrace resilience, unleash unstoppable drive, and cultivate sustainable leadership together. Are you in?

Blurb #2:

Time to level up! Join me at Ignite Your Career Path and let's tap into our inner fire. Together, we'll overcome challenges, push boundaries, and rise to new heights of success. Are you ready to ignite your path?