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Please only use YOUR AFFILIATE LINK for promotions. This will help us track our collective efforts as well as inform us of any issues impacting engagement that we need to change during the promotional period.


The Speaker

BONUS Speaker: Dr. Rosemary Groom, CEO and Founder of the African Wildlife Conservation Fund

African wild dog and large carnivore conservation; why it’s important and how do we do it


Email subject lines

  • SUBJ #1: You are the solution to Protecting Wildlife, we need for you! 

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Message for you as expert: (…) Here you write briefly about why it is important for you (the organization) that we together create awareness of the importance of Protecting Wildlife and take action and commit ourselves in our lifestyle choices. Please fill in (___) with your own words. You are more than welcome to correct it. It is IMPORTANT that the link to the virtual event is there at least twice and the communication should be a friend to friend kind of tone, thanks.

(We see the threats on TV, on social media and hear stories from our network about how bad it is in the wild in the world. The Internet has proof that Global Warming is the cause, so why are we still making the same lifestyle choices? 

New information without committed actions will be forgotten and global warming will continue to rise. The inner self-development around ourselves, is a downgraded area and if we work on this, it could turn the tide for global warming to the benefit of the world. We focus on committed actions with awareness.)

That’s why I was so excited when my friend Tanja Andersen told me that she was hosting a series of interviews about Create Opportunities and Motivate Others. She would like to interview me and I agreed to it.

The series was born out of her life’s purpose to be the bridge that connects people’s subconscious with their consciousness: in 2013, she looked a Sun Bear in the eye who was crippled, blind and had skin problems that was caused by people and this started her mission to be the voice of the wild.

The virtual live event is called: Protecting Wildlife – How to Breakthrough to Create Opportunities and Motivate Others to Make Simple Lifestyle Changes.

You can get a FREE ticket from me. The online event starts on the 5 September 2021.

You can get access and get more information using this link: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

It’s online so you can watch it from home, in the office or on the go.

We are experts with various backgrounds who have come together to share our experiences with life's challenges. Time and time again we talk about our courage, as well as our feeling of hopelessness and loneliness and how we turned it into hope and positive actions. Our hope is to change your mindset and make you think more about the impact of your footprint.

Together we want to help you with HOW we freed ourselves by facing what we fled from, and WHY the challenges of emotions come for us, and are not against us.

This is a great opportunity for everyone in my network to be united in a strong community that I would like to share with (_________). That’s why I’m super happy that Tanja is hosting this and that I’ll share it with you.

You can get access to the online event Conquer the Mirror Demon for FREE here: [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

Choose to be THE solution and protect the wild animals by changing the way you live.


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Times goes and the wild animals is suffering under our lifestyle, because we are suffering. Be the change. Join me in Nature’s Hidden Gift Summit: [Insert affiliate link here]

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