Updated on 24.11.2021

    Tanja listens.

    She is not distracted by either mobile phones, emails or social media. I know she listens, because she remembers the smallest details of our conversations, even after a long time has passed. She is always 100 percent present, and gladly offers advice if I need it. When the days seem unmanageable and everything is a bit hard, she makes me stop and think that it is okay that things are a bit challenging at the moment, but things will get better and I will be stronger when I come out on the other side.

    Tanja is neither afraid nor shy about telling people what she thinks and feels. She stands by her beliefs. She knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and with Serve Global Wildlife. I admire her ability to confront those that she feels have overstepped her boundaries or have said something that hurt her.

    When I am in a room with Tanja, she makes me feel relaxed, no matter if I’m sad or happy. We laugh loudly and we cry together so that our makeup runs down our faces. She doesn’t care what I wear, and lets the day go where it will without an agenda. I need to be prepared for a long, tight hug whenever we meet.

    What I love most about Tanja is her fearlessness – she plunges into that which she wants and loves without reservation. She is honest with herself and others. She does not judge people and is willing to give everyone a chance. She is not afraid to ask for help with practical things or to ask for advice. When I need her, she is there for me 100 percent.

    Camilla Esmann, July 6, 2017


    As a coach and mentor, I have worked with Tanja Andersen the past 2 years. I am really amazed by the progress she has made and how she uses her drive to create great results. Tanja knew from the beginning that success is not just about the right webpage and the right services, but also about her own mental strength and ability to keep going, even in tough times. Tanja has consciously decided to continuously strengthen her mental skills and to constantly improve her way of working. This is very admirable and I see this as a prerequisite for her success. Throughout our work I have seen Tanja succeed, fail (and learn) and she just keeps going. She listens to experts around her and at the same time she has an opinion of her own. As a final comment it is very inspiring to see and work with a person that is so clear on her purpose. She just wants to make a difference for wildlife and animal welfare. I am confident that she will make a huge difference globally.

    Coach and mentor, Tina Gaarn Christensen, Leadinspire, 16 November 2016

    Tanja Andersen has been my life coach since January 2015. Through our weekly sessions she’s guided me on my path as a professional singer and to take steps towards a more powerful way to realize my dream. From the start, I was really impressed with Tanja’s people knowledge while still being a coaching student; she always knows exactly what I need and what kind of questions to ask me. It means that after each session I feel empowered, revitalized and clear on my next step. Of course, realizing one’s hindrances is tough and involves a lot of emotional ups and downs, but Tanja’s caring support and consistency lets me turn the lows into highs. I always, ALWAYS look forward to my next session with Tanja!

    Christina Friis, 2016

    In my eyes Tanja is a fighter. She is curious about herself and the world around her, and she goes into it with courage and an inner strength, that I can only envy. She works dedicated with herself as a person and not least with her dreams, which she dare pursue. Her charismatic radiance becomes evident in her eyes that reflects her presence and in general the endless depths, she holds as a human being. I have got to know Tanja through our joint coaching education, and to see her fragility and strength develop at the same time has been a real pleasure. Personally Tanja has been a tremendous support to me in my own development, where she listened, understood and gave me sparring and heartwarming hugs.

    Gitte Maria Danielsen, 14 may 2015

    Tanja is a girl on an exciting journey. If you want to follow you have to hold on tight. Here are lots of warmth, intense hugs and real emotions. A beautiful girl who will achieve her ambitious goal – I look forward to follow her.

    Mette Villinger, 23 May 2015