The Gentle Barn Foundation

We live in a concrete, violent, noisy, high tech, busy world. We have lost our connection to animals, to nature, and most of all, to ourselves. Animals are living lives of torment from beginning to end, their cries are unheard, their pain is unseen, and they are suffering. The rate of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes has never been higher. The rain forests are being destroyed, we are in a global drought, we are polluting our air, and species go extinct every day. But by having reverence for all life and by reconnecting with Mother Earth we each can change all that. At The Gentle Barn we stand up for the innocent, and we help animals and children alike remember that they matter. We open people’s hearts to the connections with nature. We open people’s minds to what is happening around us. And we inspire people to be an integral part of the solution. Through the stories and interactions with our animals, we can raise future generations to have reverence for all life, protect our planet, live good healthy, happy lives, and we will all be closer to having peace on earth!

How to start and run a sanctuary?

By Tanja Andersen

It is essential to glean wisdom from those who have walked this path before you. Seek the counsel of experts in the field, those who have not only succeeded but who also openly discuss the trials and tribulations they've faced. Remember, it is through our mistakes that we grow and learn the most.

One shining example of this transparency and commitment is The Gentle Barn, led by Ellie and Jay. Their work is a testament to the power of honesty, cooperation, and openness. They are not just running a sanctuary; they are inviting you into their lives, their work, and their hearts. It's this spirit that sets them apart and makes them a beacon of inspiration for all aspiring sanctuary creators.

The Gentle Barn, Ellie, and Jay are more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise, not just with fellow sanctuaries but also with volunteers and individuals like you and me. They see you as a part of their journey and want you to succeed in yours. Their generosity and willingness to guide others make them unique mentors in the art of sanctuary creation.

The path to building your sanctuary can be daunting. The knowledge they offer through their courses can be your guiding light. Learn from those who possess the knowledge and a fervent desire to pass it on to the next generation of animal advocates.

With their guidance, you can create your sanctuary in less time than it took The Gentle Barn, Ellie, and Jay to build theirs. They are your bridge to success, your fast track to realizing your dream of providing a sanctuary for animals in need.

So, without further delay, we encourage you to contact The Gentle Barn, Ellie, and Jay at your earliest convenience. Begin your journey toward enlightenment and empowerment. Create your sanctuary this year, and together, let us continue to make the world a better place for all living beings.