The Miracle

Serve Global Wildlife is going in a new direction 🌍

“I have nothing to lose by trying, only something to win. The only time I lose is when I do not try.”

Dear you,

My name is Tanja Andersen. I am an entrepreneur and the founder of the well-established organization, . I have made the choice to sell everything I own, say goodbye to my comfort zone and turn SGW into a platform that not only serves animals, but is transparent, creates change and inspires people to live life to the fullest and see the possibilities inherent in making the kind of healthy choices that can turn the tide of Climate Change.

Your donation will make it possible for trips to the world’s leading NGOs and observe that they have animals and volunteers at the forefront of their work. We make real world videos that are authentic, honest and personal, and create reports based on the SGW model.

Their work is never easy, and they are often short funds and volunteers. We want them to have a voice on SGW, and our services to NGOs are completely free of charge.

Your donation will help fund our ambassador program, where we train volunteers on how to best serve wildlife and send them out to our NGO partners to create a database of the world’s best NGOs.

Your donation will enable the creation of quality videos, By simply using 30 minutes every day to work on mental health and be inspired, we can learn to accept personal responsibility, dare to fail and take a real look at our own actions. I would never have created SGW had I not chosen to acknowledge my own personal crises and turn them into knowledge that I can use in my work and pass on to others.

I aim to keep my costs as low as possible and am willing to work in the different countries to earn the funds I need to lead this project. Since I am dyslexic, I have friends helping me with translations and texts. I do not have the funds to purchase the equipment I need to make quality videos, purchase a new computer, or pay for my travel and vaccinations before the trip starts October.

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