Why did I become vegan?

I became vegan circa October 2017, when I saw a cow get hung up on one leg and blood spurting out of its throat while kicking violently with legs trying to raise its head. It was the worst horror movie I saw and I saw myself in the cow's place. I got a wave of pain in my body, I started to feel pain in my body and then I started crying. I was in pain and I couldn't get out, my way out was I was close to committing suicide together year, 2017. That day I became vegan, one day to another because I wanted to stop myself from commit suicide on my own.

The view of the cow and my own pain I experienced in the minutes I looked at the cow, I felt drained of all life and had difficulty breathing. What have I been supporting? On myself and living beings. I have passed on the pain; I was in to living beings. I suffered and I chose to eat suffering even though I found out through my basic course as an animal keeper in 2006 what the animals in agricultural went through to be able to put on my plate, until October 2015. I felt their pain and felt at home in their pain, so I ate pain so as not to feel alone about my own pain.

I chose to shut down my brain because it was too violent for me to accommodate how much I suffered in reality. I couldn't go anywhere with it, because I was afraid of what people were thinking about me, if I said it. I did everything I could to show my friends, family and community that I was in control of my life and happy. Reality came to the surface when I was close to suicide in my car and chopping a knife up my throat. It was the biggest lie I was living in that I had a good time. The cow's blood opened my eyes to my suffering.

When I saw the cow, I thought, this is not what I stand for, because I call myself an animal lover. I take the training as an animal keeper, as I would like to give, will take care of the animals and I have pets that I love. I am a HYPOCRITE if I call myself animal lover when I choose that you (the cow) have to be on the conveyor belt, have a bullet for the forehead and have your throat cut open for you to clear blood so you are ready to be carved in small pieces, packed so I can buy you in the supermarket for 25kr and get a good steak. FUCK how tasteless I AM A HYPOCRITE that I call myself animal lover.

I became vegan because I would first stop my own self-annihilation and second choice to stand up for my worthies, that I fight for animal rights. My life is worth as much as any animal on this earth. I choose to be the change I want to see in the world, to say no to a co-experience and to stand up for a right purpose, to be a front fighter for every living being. I became vegan from one day to another, and in you I have taken The Liberation Pledge. I swear to be vegan for the rest of my life, inspire others to become vegan and to take The Liberation Pledge and I REFUSE to sit at tables with people's animal products.

I choose my family and friends the dinners and choose my own best than to be a pleaser. The craving was made until I was seconds to end my life and if my relationships want the best for me, they will respect that I refuse to sit at table with them when eating animal products and are open to eating vegan with me. I live in the year 2020, where I have the opportunity to choose to live as a vegan.

“What I buy, I support for the first step in the process”