Your heart should burn for something great

Hi everybody,

For as far back as I can remember I’ve loved watching beautiful animals, the result of which is me becoming an animal keeper. I had big dreams which I couldn’t quite articulate, besides feeling a glow inside of me and the need to speak out, but doing what?

I didn’t know this until, at the age of 26, I went to work as a volunteer with Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). I felt a glow and huge inner urge to speak out for something, which my whole body was yearning to do here and now. So on October 1st until December 23rd, when I returned from BSBCC, a whole new life started for me as I embarked on the biggest discovery in my life, one that now has led to Serve Global Wildlife.

The reason that I didn’t know any sooner what my body was trying to tell me, something I did know when I was just a small girl, is that after finishing my animal keeper training, I’ve gone through some pretty big things, which have kept me from realizing my true self, what I was all about, my right to life and the power to stand up and being a person with a lot of drive. If I decide to do something and really feel it deep inside, I won’t give up until I’ve achieved it, as I’m a woman with a lot of power. Throughout our lives things happen to us making us pull away and, unfortunately, I had some long rough periods in my life when my dad passed away in the wrong way and when I had a psychopath for a boyfriend. I haven’t had many people truly support me, but rather, I’ve lived my life feeling like life is one long battle.

In 2014, I discovered a company called Mindjuice, which is based in Denmark. There, I went on a journey of self-discovery and learned about growth on a very high level. I made a choice to start on a coaching degree, which I finished on the 14th of April 2015. It’s the greatest gift I could ever have given myself, as I found my true self and gained a deep acceptance of the 27 years that I’ve been alive. I know what I’m passionate about and am comfortable in my own power, which has been very far removed from me in the past.

The reason I’m writing and sharing this blog post with you all is that I feel more alive than ever before and want to be honest about the person behind Serve Global Wildlife, i.e. letting you know how Serve Global Wildlife came about. I believe that Serve Global Wildlife will keep growing in the future.

I look forward to share my knowledge!

All the Best, Tanja Andersen

Founder and CEO of The Wildlife Footprints, Conservationist Life Coach & Advocates for Human-, Animal-, & Environmental Health