Conquer the Mirror Demon Summit Speakers

July 29th – August 25th, 2024

Our August 2024 Speakers

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Stephanie Grosvenor

TOPIC: Self care, self love and Self worth

Carol Frazier

TOPIC: Overcome Stage Fright and Heal Performance Anxiety

Justine Lette

TOPIC: Who are we in our HOT Moments

Jeanne Bessette

TOPIC: Alchemized Freedom

Sherry Eifler

TOPIC: Uniquely Loved

Shannon Morrison

TOPIC: Letting go of shame

Dr. Freidemann Schaub

TOPIC: How to shift from victim to being the creator of your reality

Kathryn Brown

TOPIC: Taking Back Your Health through Leadership, Mindset & Nutrition

Gudni Gunnarsson

TOPIC: Awareness is your primary asset

Gwen Dittmar

TOPIC: See and Free Yourself with Human Design and Shamanism