Find some quick answers about The Wildlife Footprints, our trio of distinct summits (Conquer the Mirror Demon, Serve the Animals Summit, and World Conservation Summit), our vision, initiatives, and the active pursuit of Creating Opportunities and Solutions that protect the natural world and its inhabitants. We stand as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the conservation realm.

The interview you're interested in is scheduled for a specific day while the summit is ongoing. Make sure to check your email regularly, as the summit operates online. Both the interview you're looking for and the FREE GIFT from the speakers will be sent to the email address you used to sign up. If you happen to sign up after the interview has been emailed out and you want to watch it, there's an option to upgrade to V.I.P. status. This upgrade will grant you access not only to the interview you're keen on but also to all the other interviews that were shared before your summit registration date.

We collaborate with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations that are passionate about providing valuable insights and knowledge to their audience. This includes working with small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as non-governmental organizations. While some of these partners offer enticing FREE GIFTs such as e-books, videos, and other exciting resources, not every speaker across our three Summits (Conquer the Mirror Demon, Serve the Animals Summit, and World Conservation Summit) necessarily provides a FREE GIFT upon signing up for their Newsletter. What each speaker does offer, however, is a wealth of valuable information, unique perspectives, visionary ideas, engaging events, and a vibrant community that they invite you to become a part of.