The Sanctuary


We are set to host our most significant event, The Wildlife Footprints Three distinct summits centered around Human Health, Animal Health, and Environmental Health: Conquer the Mirror Demon, Serve the Animal, and the World Conservation Summit. These focused areas hold immense significance as they mark a pivotal juncture for humans to collaborate harmoniously with nature and the animal kingdom. We firmly believe that true human wellness emerges when our way of life aligns with the well-being of Mother Earth, actively combatting global warming.

The validity of claiming good health comes under scrutiny when our daily routines and practices devastate natural ecosystems, eradicating vital animal species essential for Earth's vitality. If our planet suffers from the adverse effects of global warming, can we genuinely assert that we are in a state of well-being? The pursuit of a wholesome existence extends beyond mere deception – it encompasses our relationships with others and all living entities. Think about the simple acts of consuming an apple, a banana, or a papaya; even these seemingly insignificant actions have reverberations across the interconnected tapestry of life.

The essence of The Wildlife Footprints rests in acknowledging the footprints of our past, assessing our present actions, and envisioning our role in the future within the realm of Wildlife and Wilderness. Through this journey, we unlock the extraordinary richness of life and embrace a sense of fulfillment that greets us every morning.

Joining the ranks of The Wildlife Footprints team offers an opportunity to contribute actively. We are on the verge of establishing our inaugural sanctuary this October – a haven for domestic, farm, and production animals. This sanctuary will also extend its sanctuary to those who have endured mistreatment and violence, facilitating their path towards rediscovering their authentic selves.

Within this sanctuary, individuals will be equipped with tools to revamp their entire lifestyle across seven core dimensions: Physical Well-being, Emotional Enrichment, Relationship Nurturing, Time Management, Professional Fulfillment, Financial Stability, and the Act of Celebration and Contribution. The pivotal concept of self-nourishment and the reciprocation of goodwill towards both relationships and society will shape a grander vision that transcends individual spheres, culminating in a joyous and purposeful existence.

As we look ahead to this transformative journey, we invite you to partake in The Wildlife Footprints movement. Together, we pave a path towards holistic well-being, ecological harmony, and a profound connection with the world around us.

Serve the Animals Heroes

Huge thanks to our amazing Serve the Animals Heroes who've backed The Sanctuary. Together, we're igniting a movement for preservation and emotional mastery, reigniting hope within us and for our planet. Your names will be honored on our Sanctuary Wall in Denmark. You're the backbone of this vital sanctuary.

We honor:

  • Christian Hjorth
  • Ron Anderson
  • Majken Andersen
  • Else Andersen
  • Alex Bjørnstierne Olsson
  • Christopher Melvin
  • Kim Popek
  • Mary …