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Trust Your Heart and Follow Your Dreams

As a little girl, sitting in front of the TV and watching someone in the jungle saving wild animals, my eyes lit up with the glow of Christmas lights. I felt alive in that moment. But as the light dimmed, darkness surrounded me. I believed I only deserved to live in a fairy tale, where others could love me and be around me. I subjected myself to acts of violence.

Years passed, and I became addicted to violence—psychological, physical, sexual. I destroyed my home, spent all my money on maintaining a perfect exterior, while behind closed doors, tears rolled down my cheeks. I ate unhealthy food to numb my emotions, picked at my skin to shut out feelings, spoke demeaningly to myself and others to drown my emotions, all fueled by self-hatred.

I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. I hated mirrors, despised the reflection staring back at me. I covered up with layers of clothing, avoided mirrors, and took quicker showers, unable to touch my own body. I rushed through, choosing actions that inflicted pain upon myself when emotions surfaced.

One day, I made eye contact with myself in the mirror. I resembled a lifeless figure, unrecognizable to myself. The radiance in my face was gone. I was worse off, closed off to feeling. What did I want in life? What was my purpose? Where did I fit in the world? What is the meaning of life? What is my favorite color? What food do I enjoy that works with my body?

Pale as a corpse and on anxiety pills, I didn't want to cause pain to those I loved—my family and close friends. The truth was that I caused them pain by just being in their presence. They missed hearing me laugh. They missed seeing me smile. I had lost my laughter and smile, absent for over a year. The mirror gazing was in 2013.

The anxiety pills found their way into the trash. I terminated the lease, got fired, packed up all my belongings, and headed to Borneo. I chose to trust my heart and follow my dream, the dream I had as a little child. I chose to trust my gut feeling. When I asked myself a question, I chose to believe the first answer that came to me. When my coaches asked me a question, I chose to believe the first answer that arose within me.

Choice after choice, I believed and stopped explaining myself. I stopped creating beliefs that I needed to feel good and be understood. Many times, I didn't understand myself, so seeking understanding today doesn't make sense. I am the most important, and understanding comes from the ego, so the ego can relax. I need your acceptance. Following my dreams saved my life from taking my own life in the car in 2028, playing with it around my neck.


Good question. Watch the interview from December 14 here: “Trust Your Heart and Follow Your Dreams” with Johanne O'Halleron.

Unveiling the message for you

Embrace your power to transform. Tanja Andersen's journey—from darkness to self-discovery—is a testament to the resilience within us all. Trust your heart, follow your dreams, and break free from destructive patterns. Choose self-love, make bold decisions, and create a life aligned with your true purpose. Tanja's story proves that powerful transformation is within your reach.

🎄 Merry Christmas dear Friends and Loved ones 🎄

All the Best, Tanja Andersen 🎄🎄