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A Conversation with My Younger Self

As the autumn breeze sweeps in, I'm reminded of a season that holds a special place in my heart. It's the time when I feel most free to let go of the old and embrace the new. I've always had a profound connection with this time of year, for it symbolizes the beauty of rebirth and renewal.

Younger me, I know you've always loved the fall season more than any other. You believe it's a time to release the past and start anew, a time for fresh beginnings. I've seen you staring at the sky, daydreaming about a different life, wishing to be truly seen, and yearning for those in your life to take action to keep that connection with you alive.

I know you've often felt different, and you need to understand that being different is a gift. It's the key to igniting a powerful movement within the realm of Conservation. What you feel deep within your heart may be challenging for others to comprehend, and that's okay. Your authenticity is your superpower, and it has the potential to inspire real change. By pushing boundaries and speaking your truth without hesitation, you can encourage others to question their own existence and confront the pain they've buried for so long.

The truth is, most people long for the very qualities you possess. They crave a deep connection to their hearts, a strong, authentic voice, and the courage to be honest without holding back. Yet, many are hesitant to embark on the challenging journey of self-discovery. They daydream, they wish for a better life, but they rarely take action. They shy away from self-improvement programs that could transform their lives.

To find like-minded souls committed to personal growth, the power of their voices, and living life to the fullest, you've had to wade through a sea of passivity and indifference. You see, most people are content to merely exist. They claim to be living life to the fullest, but behind closed doors, they confess their true desires to no one but their doctor. They yearn for different jobs, different homes, different bodies, yet they remain trapped in lives filled with pain and devoid of vitality.

You, younger me, you're different. You've taken significant steps on a profound self-discovery journey over the past decade, ever since you were 18 and faced your father's tragic suicide. Back then, you realized the importance of seeking professional guidance and investing in yourself.

Today, you have the ability to speak about the vital missing link in the healing of Mother Earth. It's the power of gratitude for life, self-acceptance, and the act of giving back as a unified force. Embracing your inner self has become your strength, and it's a driving force that will protect you in the face of challenges, no matter how daunting. This resilience was born from the darkest moments of your life, from the time you sought refuge in a women's shelter, starting anew. It was during the moments of abuse, fear, and uncertainty that followed, when you thought you might be carrying a disease that could forever shatter your existence.

Now, you find yourself grateful for your past, cherishing the connection you've built with your family. This connection has rekindled your passion for life, and your vision is no longer yours alone. It's for all of us, especially for the younger version of yourself when you were just 27. Together, we'll make history within the realm of Conservation. I am grateful for my inner self, with its warmth and boundless heart. My existence holds meaning and value, and I am determined to be the advocate for animals that they so desperately need.

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