Embrace Your Unfiltered Truth: A Journey to Unapologetic Authenticity and Personal Power!

Is it true? Or is it just another story I tell myself? Will this person truly understand me, or am I setting myself up to be discarded once again? The ache surfaces only if I let it, if I choose to embrace that vulnerability. Yes, it stings when emotions come rushing in and take hold. Is this the role I was destined to play, a perpetual pleaser? The struggle to stand firm, with my feet grounded in the richness of life's beauty, is palpable. The pain, the inner turmoil—it's all part of the journey towards seeing, truly listening, and finding the courage to stand up for myself. Deep within, I yearn for love, and I find solace in Little Tanja, my inner self, who loves and protects me. She's my gut feeling, my guiding force.

Once more, is it true? Or is it just another layer of pretense? I found myself caught up in a late-night conversation, extending far beyond the expected 15 minutes. A message on Tinder followed, a rollercoaster of emotions filling my screen. In that moment, I took a breath, felt the weight of it all, and faced it with the courage to honor Little Tanja. A conscious choice to say no to being treated like refuse, like I'm nothing. No to allowing myself to be diminished, like a naive girl existing solely to please someone else. To put an end to inflicting harm upon myself—this narrative ends here. The seven types of self-inflicted harm that have been woven into my daily existence, my personal hell, come to an end. My stand is firm, rooted in the most beautiful earth, rich in life, giving me strength to rise, to listen, to see. I am yearned for, and I choose to be my own protector, my own advocate.

Once again, is it true? Or is it another web of illusions? Many recent connections, conversations, and interactions have left me questioning authenticity. The pain lingers, echoing the words of my psychologist in 2019: “Demanding honesty from those you choose in your life is an immense task; many struggle or have never learned it, despite their declarations. It's a lonely journey with that demand.” Back then, I responded that it's a journey I'm willing to embark on alone. I refuse to conform, to suppress my needs for another's sake. The notion that relationships require compromise—NO. In my view, a relationship is a partnership, a team where both needs are valued, listened to, and met on common ground. Our conversation ended there. My steadfast belief is that I will not compromise my needs, values, vision, character, communication, meaning, or my body. I choose to stand alone. My mother's warnings about the difficulty of finding a man who aligns with my standards and values do not sway me. I would rather stand alone.

The fear of solitude, the fear of rejection, the fear of my own power—these fears dictated my actions for 30+ years. Harming myself to fit into others' expectations, lifestyles, and opinions became my modus operandi, leading me to abandon my heart. The constant feeling of sickness, of being misunderstood, of having to answer for every action—these experiences were my reality. Darkness became my sanctuary; self-destruction, my comfort. I felt safe, seen, and heard in my own destruction, in the shattering of my identity. A demon within me, my power to stand today. I cherish every pain, every broken shard of my heart, every act of self-harm. I am reborn from the ashes; I died in 2018.

In the summer of 2023, I released the need to please in relationships, regardless of their nature. I choose my solitude, I embrace loneliness. The truth is, I'll never truly be alone or lonely, for I have myself, my vision, and a purpose that is just beginning to unfold. My time on this earth holds meaning, and I will be remembered as the woman who filled many roles. I fill myself, and that's an integral part of who I am. I claim ownership of it today, acknowledging that I won't settle for the first and best. I deserve a prince on a white horse who aligns with my top four values: self-development on an equal and higher plane, veganism, a desire to live in the countryside working with the value of animals, and a vision to make a difference on earth. I am visionary, and I choose to stand alone.

You, dear reader, deserve the same. You deserve to be the person you choose to be, working towards a better version each day. You deserve the best, adorned with golden glitter. If someone offers you less, let them go. Choose yourself, choose your heart's calling, and STEP UP TODAY!

This blog post serves as a mirror, reflecting back to you. Today's revelations are about you. Face it, embrace it, and stop offering advice to others. Choose your own guidance, as your mind tells you there's something you need to address. Fantastic! You are now open to working on something specific that surfaced today. What change will you choose in your life? I'd love to hear in the comments.

Tak for dig!

Warm Regards, Tanja Andersen

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